Tales From the Relationship

by Gus Weiderman

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Tales from the Relationship is a compilation of true stories from one relationship with one woman and all the crap that came with it. Written by Gus Weiderman about his ex-girlfriend, Alexis, his male diary chronicles such unexplainable relationship occurrences as the “movie promise,” the time she tried to use Tom Brokaw to plan a family, and why she once charged $200 up-front money for “the pill.”

Tales is more than just a story about some guy dating some crazy chick. Gus' story has been seasoned with his own male perspective on men, women, and relationships, in general. Gus combines the hot, sweet, sensual, and sometimes bitter and sour tastes that accompany love into something that can be easily digested and regurgitated, if need be.

Tales speaks to both men and women who have either been in or are currently in long-term relationships. As you'll find out by reading his diary, there's a little Gus and Alexis in every one of us.

Email: gus@talesfromtherelationship.com
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